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“Each flies with its own kind:

pigeon with pigeon, hawk with hawk.”

Idries Shaw


Is the ‘pigeon’, perhaps, merely a reflection of who I think I am? The saying “If you want to fly with the eagles do not walk with the turkeys” teaches a similar lesson. I might suggest I could see it somewhat differently: if I see the Eagle in everyone I meet and not buy into the turkey appearance they may present, then I would, by my choosing, fly with the Eagles regardless of who appears to be flying with me. I choose to see the Eagle in You and Me today. Choose Again?

Love, Diederik

* Diederik is the Founder and Program Director of Choose Again


We have the ability to shift our perception and choose what we want to see in another.

People aren’t 2 dimensional, as much as we try to label them trukeys, they are 3 dimensional like ourselves and there’s an Eagle hidden in everyone. Stop looking and focusing on the thing you don’t like and you’ll see what else is there. (this behaviour mirrors how we treat ourselves like turkeys) It’s very limiting and blind.

Lift the vVeil of Label-ism or, in other words, don’t be a turkey

When you lift the veil of the label you’ve given them, you’ll often find characteristics that you admire; determination, fortitude, confidence. Characteristics you may be yearning to grow stronger within yourself.

Even if you have trouble seeing more than a ‘turkey’ choose to believe it’s there then the veil is lifted and your flying like an Eagle.

That’s how there are so many stories where an enemy, adversary or troublesome person becomes the greatest learning and even best friend in our life.

Risk being wrong

We want to be ‘right’ about people and that often means we avoid seeing the parts or character that don’t fit with the label we’ve given them. Be honest with yourself and the other, lift the veil and risk being ‘wrong’. Labeling only hurts yourself.

By choosing to see the whole person you become the Eagle that flies with the others.


Liz Coleman, RTC, is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor based in Surrey, BC. She specializes in anxiety, anger, insecurity, and relationship problems. If you have any questions about this article or would like to schedule an appointment, please call Ms. Coleman at (604) 809-8947 or use the convenient form on her Contact page.