Couples Counselling


How to Save a Relationship

Couples in distress can feel chaotic, affecting not only their own lives, but also those around them.

Whether you are at the beginning of your relationship, in the middle, or questioning if this is the end, Couples Counselling or Relationship Counselling can help.

All couples experience struggles at some point in their relationship and while difficult, it is not a sign of the end. Instead, it can be an opportunity to move closer through familiar blocks to improved communication and intimacy.

Reasons People Seek Relationship Counselling

  • Arguing has become more often and hurtful

  • Loss of intimacy

  • You are struggling to express yourself
  • One of you has been unfaithful

  • You or your partner feel like giving up

  • Feeling distant and disconnected

  • Going through a major decision or change

  • Struggling to build trust
  • Difficulty with important  conversations
  • A critical illness 

  • New parents

  • Differing hobbies and needs

  • Outside influences are causing stress on your relationship

  • The sense of safety in the relationship has been stressed
  • Old and unhealthy relationship dynamics 

Renew Hope with Couples Counselling

You may begin a session feeling wounded and helpless, but you will leave with a sense of renewed hope and direction.

Try this Couples Exercise to reconnect with your partner

By experiencing and creating a safe connection with your partner, you become a team working on your relationship together. You will feel confident that you have the skills and experience to deal with the future and, with peace of mind in your relationship, you will see more choices available to create the relationship you desire.

By redefining what the problem is, you will create a blueprint as a tool to help bring clarity to your stressful relationship patterns. I will show you how to use the obstacles in your relationship to get closer to each other at a deeper level.

Whether these problems in your relationship are new or decades old, I can help you by providing a safe place to move through the distress and immediate crisis.

Considering Counselling with Liz for the First Time?

Weekly appointments are recommended to begin with, but frequency will be discussed over the first few sessions to assess what fits your need and schedule. This will depend on what you are seeking counselling for, your goals and your finances.

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Sessions are 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Appointments are arranged by calling 604-809-8947, emailing or by booking an appointment online.

New Client Options

When booking for the first time, you may choose a standard session or one of these introductory options:

To schedule your introductory call, click the gold Schedule Now button in the lower right of your screen. Then select New Client Options.