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Approach to Counselling

There are so many philosophies and techniques to therapy but most important for me is my relationship with my client. If you are willing and you are prepared to work together with me, literally anything can happen.

Although I have various techniques that I use, I realize therapy is such a naturally evolving process that to restrict myself to one or a few variations would limit my effectiveness, as each therapy session is unique.

My philosophy of life and counselling is that we are all more than our mind and body. There is a phenomena and connectedness beyond the boundaries of our ego.

I deal extensively with human values and ultimately my goal in therapy is not merely to remove obstacles or issues, but to foster a higher human development. This provides you with a deepening and integration of your sense of connectedness, whether it is with yourself, community, nature or the entire cosmos and… all The Spaces Between.

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Considering Counselling with Liz for the First Time?

Weekly appointments are recommended to begin with, but frequency will be discussed over the first few sessions to assess what fits your need and schedule. This will depend on what you are seeking counselling for, your goals and your finances.

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Sessions are 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Appointments are arranged by calling 604-809-8947, emailing or by booking an appointment online.

New Client Options

When booking for the first time, you may choose a standard session or one of these introductory options:

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