Counselling Services 

Couples Therapy & Relationship Counselling

Couples in distress can feel chaotic, affecting not only their own lives, but also those around them. Whether you are at the beginning of your relationship, in the middle, or questioning if this is the end, Couples Counselling can help.

Anger Management Counselling

Is your anger or silence pushing people away? Are you afraid of losing those closest to you? Good or bad, your ability to manage your anger and communicate effectively with others touches all areas of your life.

Stress & Anxiety Counselling

Are stress and anxiety running your life? Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted or stuck, know you are not alone! Also know that a different experience is possible. That is the goal of counselling — to identify and make even small changes that will create a positive difference.

Self-Esteem Counselling

Low self-esteem is the main reason people seek counselling. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has found 1 out of 4 adults suffer from a psychological disorder and low self-esteem is the underlying factor for the majority of them.